Jessie J says she suffered a minor stroke when she was 18

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Musician pop star, Jessie J, recently opened up about a minor stroke that she experienced at the age of 18.

J opened up to audiences when she was speaking at the Delete Bone Cancer Gala in New York on Wednesday evening. She also performed her hit single, "Who You Are," and dedicated the performance to anyone in the room who had "lost somebody to cancer."

She mentioned that she wrote "Who You Are" after she suffered a minor stroke at the early age of 18, UPI reported.

She provided more detail to the crowd explaining that, "I thought that I was never going to get better," she said to the packed crowd.

"I feel so lucky that I was given a second chance at life," she continued. "So, every day when I am able to do this, you have no idea how amazing it feels that I'm so lucky to be onstage and singing and living my dream."

People added that when J was performing her hit "Price Tag," she changed up the lyrics from "It's not about the money, money, money" to "tonight it is about the money."

The gala raised over $4 million, which will be used to register life-saving bone marrow donors.



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