John Cleese of Monty Python announces that reunion was because of legal bills

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The surviving members of comedy group Monty Python will be coming together for a series of reunion shows in London in July, but it turns out that the reason behind the reunion might not be what fans had originally thought.

Entertainment Wise reported that John Cleese, a member of the comedy group, revealed that the reason why the group came back together after so many years was because of a large legal bill.

Cleese explained to Alan Carr on Chatty Man that it was the only way to pay off the large bill.

“We had an £800,000 bill from a legal case and the costs were enormous,” Cleese said. "We all got together and thought, ‘how are we going to pay an £800,000 legal bill?’ and someone said, ‘let’s do a show.'"

The shows can be seen in person at the O2 Arena, but the final show on July 20 will also be shown around the world in movie theaters.

The July 20 performance is being billed as a farewell tour for the group. A statement explained that this would be their final show and that they wanted fans to experience it in every way possible.

The Guardian reported in April that the July 20 show will be shown in 450 movie theaters in the United Kingdom and another 1,500 around the world.



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