John Kerry criticizes Edward Snowden for leaving U.S. (Video)

By Angelica Stephens,

Secretary of State John Kerry criticized the actions of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden Wednesday during an interview deeming Snowden “a non-patriot.”

Kerry’s criticism came after NBC News' Today Show asked how Kerry felt about Snowden’s statement that he never wanted to go to Russia but was forced to go there due to having his passport revoked. Kerry said that Snowden gave a stupid response for a man who appears to be so intelligent.

Kerry also declared that if Snowden truly wants to come back to the U.S., then Kerry would arrange a flight for him "today." He also remarked that if Snowden loves his country so much and believes in it, then he should trust its system of justice, according to The Associated Press.

According to to Bussiness Insider, Kerry also believes that Snowden’s actions, such as leaking classified documents and lying under oath were betraying. He says that Snowden gave way for terrorists to follow his footsteps.

“He has hurt operational security. He has told terrorists what they can now do to be able to avoid detection, and I find it sad and disgraceful," Kerry said.

An interview with Snowden and NBC News' Brian Williams is scheduled to air Wednesday evening. In the interview Snowden responds to a previous statement from the Obama administration claiming that he was a “low-level” analyst, stating that he was trained to be a spy and that he has more access to American intelligence than they could ever dream of.

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