Jon Favreau dishes about his new movie, ‘Chef’

By Marcina Zaccaria,

Jon Favreau plays Carl Casper, a chef at an upscale Los Angeles restaurant in the new movie, Chef, released on May 9.

Favreau is the actor, writer, and director of the film.

With Chef, Favreau looked at the ins and the outs of how to make a food story appealing onscreen. "I learned a lot about photography and sound design. It's partly about the music. Part of it is the lighting, and part is the way you color-time it," Favreau said, according to the Associated Press, "A slight change in color can make something look nauseating."

Chef also features John Leguizamo, as the main character’s friend. Leguizamo considered what a line cook does, and was glad to do research at a Manhattan restaurant. The movie also features Dustin Hoffman as the difficult boss who finally sends Favreau on his way, after a disappointing critical review. Favreau’s previously directed Made, Iron Man, and the pilot episode of the TV series, Revolution.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chef was released domestically by Open Road Films on May 9, after showing at the Tribeca Film Festival.



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