A's Josh Reddick is using Wham!'s 'Careless Whisper' when he goes up to bat

By Daniel S Levine,

Baseball players are a suspicious bunch, so if they think something - anything - is going to help them get out of a slump, they do it. For Josh Reddick of the Oakland Athletics, that means going to bat with the sultry saxophones of Wham! and George Michael’s iconic hit “Careless Whisper.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Reddick explained that one day, the song came up randomly in the clubhouse. He decided that this was a sign that “Careless Whisper” needed to be blaring on the stadium speakers when he goes up to bat the next day.

On Monday, he got two hits and then another two on Tuesday night. Something must be working.

“Somebody had Pandora on shuffle in the clubhouse, and it got thrown into the mix. I was like 'What would happen if I tried this?” Reddick explained to the magazine. “And baseball players are very superstitious, so I can't imagine changing it for a while, unless something dramatic happens ... and I hope it doesn't.”

Since Monday, the song has made him a little bit of an Internet celebrity, with his name trending on Facebook. Fans in Oakland have also embraced the track, much to Reddick’s surprise. “The fans are the funniest; it comes on and they're cheering and slow-dancing in the outfield. They seem to be having more fun with my walk-up song that the actual game,” he told Rolling Stone.

Unfortunately, on Wednesday, Reddick failed to get a hit and the A’s lost to the White Sox, 4-2.



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