Judge orders investigation to find missing Casey Kasem, daughter Kerri Kasem asks fans to pray for safe return

By Gina DiFalco,

The whereabouts of legendary radio personality, Casey Kasem, are currently unknown and a judge has ordered an investigation into finding his location. Kasem has advanced Parkinson’s disease and can no longer speak.

Kasem is with his wife Jean Kasem, who has been battling the former American Top 40 radio show host’s adult children for the rights to his medical decisions.

On Monday, a judge named his daughter Keri Kasem a temporary conservatorship over his healthcare. A lawyer for Jean Kasem then confirmed she had “removed” her husband from the U.S.

“We're going to find him, take care of him and love him," Kerri Kasem told Daily News. "He's going to be with family, not stuck in some unfamiliar place where he's dying alone."

She also wrote on Facebook, “I believe my father's wife fled the country (or possibly went to an Indian Reservation) with my Dad because she knew I would win in court today. The judge ordered, Adult Protective Services, the PVP Attorney and the police to look for him. Please pray that he is safe.”

Kasem, who can only eat through a tube, was taken out of a private facility last week by his wife. The couple got married in 1980 and she reportedly wouldn’t allow his adult children at the house they share.



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