Judge releases Texas murderer Bernie Tiede from prison early

By Michelle Kapusta,

On Tuesday, a judge agreed to reduce an east Texas murderer’s life sentence for the killing of his former companion and released him on bond.

According to The Texas Tribune, Bernie Tiede's release, which is part of an agreement with the same district attorney who prosecuted him, came with conditions. He must agree on where to live, cannot speak to the media and seek counseling.

After hearing evidence of sexual abuse that the 55-year-old suffered in his childhood and a psychiatrist stating that he would not be a threat to society, Judge Diane DeVasto allowed his release.

The Associated Press noted that in 1996, the Carthage assistant funeral director fatally shot 81-year-old Marjorie Nugent and hid her body in a freezer. She was found nine months later.

In 2012, a movie about the case called Bernie was written and directed by filmmaker, Richard Linklater.

Tiede posted $10,000 bond and is now staying with Linklater.

Obviously, Nugent’s family is not happy about the news. Her granddaughter, Shanna, said that they are “in shock.”

“I really wanted justice for Nanny," she said. "This doesn't really feel like justice."



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