'Jurassic World' director Colin Trevorrow gives more plot details after leaks

By Daniel S Levine,

Does it feel like you’ve already seen Jurassic World? You’re not alone. Several plot details have leaked in recent days and director Colin Trevorrow revealed even more in a new interview this week.

Early last week, JoBlo posted several details about the fourth film in the Jurassic Park franchise, revealing that the title refers to a fully functioning theme park that has become a popular family vacation spot. It even includes rides that get you up close and personal with the dinosaurs.

According to the blog, the theme park executives want to do more to get people excited, so they create their own dinosaur by mixing DNA. Their source also says that there will be several dinosaur vs. dinosaur fights, with the ones trained by the good guys, lead by Chris Pratt’s character, going against bad dinos with camouflage.

While most studios and directors might shun questions about leaked plot details, Trevorrow was very open in a Slash Film interview, openly confirming that there is a successful theme park on Isla Nublar that is the “realization of John Hammond’s dream, and I think you’ll want to go there.”

“This film picks up twenty-two years after Jurassic Park. When Derek [Connolly] and I sat down to find the movie, we looked at the past two decades and talked about what we’ve seen,” Trevorrow said. The two things, he explained, are that money is dangerous and that technology has kept us from enjoying scientific miracles.

“What if, despite previous disasters, they built a new biological preserve where you could see dinosaurs walk the earth…and what if people were already kind of over it?” Trevorrow told Slash Film. “We imagined a teenager texting his girlfriend with his back to a T-Rex behind protective glass. For us, that image captured the way much of the audience feels about the movies themselves. ‘We’ve seen CG dinosaurs. What else you got?’ Next year, you’ll see our answer.”

Trevorrow also said that there really are no good or bad dinosaurs, just “predators and prey.” He did confirm that there is one mixed dinosaur that is really dangerous.

Trevorrow has kept in touch with fans while making the movie, releasing on set photos through Entertainment Weekly and remaining active on Twitter. Michael Giacchino was recently hired to do the score for the film.

Jurassic World opens on June 12, 2015 and also stars Bryce Dallas Howard.

image of Chris Pratt courtesy of INFPhoto.com



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