Justin Bieber accused of trying to steal a woman's cell phone

By Angelica Stephens,

Justin Bieber has been accused by a woman from San Fernando Valley of attempting to steal her cell phone after mistakenly claiming she took photos of him during a brawl.

The woman reported that she was simply taking a stroll around Sherman Oaks Castle Park, which includes a golf and batting cage, when she saw Bieber and his friends get into a fight with some others men. The shocked woman then reached for her cellphone, causing Beiber to explode and take the phone away.

According to TMZ, Beiber gave the phone back to the woman after she agreed to show him that no pictures were taken. The woman also mentioned that she and her 13-year old daughter simply wanting to say hello and meet him. Beiber, in response, lashed out saying that the woman was an embarrassment to her daughter and demanded she leave, causing her young daughter to cry.

This criminal allegation is one of many that Bieber has faced in recent months. That includes a flight incident from Canada to New Jersey, in which Beiber reportedly disrupted a flight, CNN noted.

An investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department is still ongoing at this time.



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