Justin Bieber hassled Toronto mayor Rob Ford about crack-cocaine at nightclub (Report)

By Gina DiFalco,

When Justin Bieber and Toronto mayor Rob Ford were both in Canada at an exclusive nightclub Muzik in March, the 20-year-old pop star reportedly hassled him about his alleged crack-cocaine use.

Following Ford’s announcement that he would be taking a leave of absence following a second video emerging of him allegedly smoking crack out of a copper pipe, the Toronto Star delved deeper into the hard-partying politicians downward spiral.

Ford reportedly did lines of cocaine while at Muzik and was drinking heavily well into the morning hours. He enjoyed a private booth with his crew but when he made his way into the nightclub’s public area, he ran into Bieber.

“Did you bring any crack to smoke?" Bieber, who’s facing his own problems, reportedly asked him.

This sent Ford furiously back to his private book, where he continued to drink until around 5 a.m. He disappeared into the bathroom at one point and sources say he told those around him “I am in over my head.”



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