Justin Bieber sued by photographer for assault

By Marie Blake,

Justin Bieber is being sued once again by a photographer who claims Bieber's bodyguard locked him in a restaurant and beat him.

TMZ reports that photographer Manuel Munoz is suing Bieber, claiming that he was chased by his bodyguard after taking pictures as Bieber was leaving SET Nightclub in Miami, the same night he was arrested for DUI.

The bodyguard allegedly chased Munoz into a Subway restaurant, and the two negotiated over the camera's memory card.

Munoz claims he was kicked and punched, causing damage to his camera. However, in the police report, Munoz never spoke about being hit, but he did say he was pushed and suffered a scrape on his knee.

Munoz is suing Bieber, as well as his bodyguard Dwayne Patterson, for unspecified damages.

This incident coming to light after news broke that Bieber was being investigated for a possible robbery.

We previously reported that a woman accused Bieber of trying to steal her phone to delete pictures that she took of him.

However, a source told ABC News that the altercation was nothing more than Bieber asking her to delete the pictures.

Bieber let out some steam on his Twitter, explaining that it is hard to defend himself, and that "the truth will set you free."

Bieber continued on the matter, explaining that his mom raised him to be respectful to others, and not to believe the rumors swirling about him.



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