Kentucky man wards off masked stranger with gun

By Victoria Greene,

An elderly couple in Kentucky faced a scare when a masked man forced his way into their home Thursday evening.

According to The New York Daily News, it was around 1 A.M. when George and Sarah Hudgins were awoken by persistent knocks on their door.

The unknown person reportedly gained the attention of the couple not only by knocking on their door, but claiming his wife was ill and needed medical attention. Sympathetically, the couple opened their home to the stranger and that was when they were met with trouble.

When Sarah Hudgins, 70, answered the door, a masked man grabbed her by the throat and forced her into her home.

"I just wanted to kill him because he was trying to choke me, I wanted him dead," Sarah Hudgins said, according to WKYT.

Hudgins’ wish nearly came to fruition when her husband, George, who has been battling cancer, appeared with a gun and pointed it at their intruder.

"When I come out there, I pointed the gun at him," George Hudgins says.

The unknown man immediately released Sarah Hudgins and ran away from the house. Authorities were called, but no arrests have been made as of yet.



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