Kobe Bryant doesn't care that Mike D'Antoni resigned as the Lakers head coach

By Shaunice Conyers,

NBA superstar Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers could care less that former head coach Mike D'Antoni resigned.

ESPN reports how during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel asked Bryant what he thought about D'Antoni leaving as the Lakers coach and Bryant said he "didn't care." Bryant added, "This is a tough place, man. If you're not winning, you're not going to survive, man." Bryant also discussed how his former coach Phil Jackson, who is now president of the New York Knicks, will do a great job as the Knicks' president.

Earlier this month, D'Antoni announced that he was stepping down as the head coach of the Lakers. Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak stated, "Given the circumstances, I don't know that anybody could have done a better job than Mike did the past two seasons." Bryant is the only person who isn't upset over seeing D'Antoni go. Lakers legend Magic Johnson tweeted, "Happy days are here again! Mike D'Antoni resigns as the Lakers coach. I couldn't be happier!"

Photo courtesy of Magic Johnson's Twitter page



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