Large doses of the measles may cure cancer

By Amanda Stewart,

According to new research, a high dose of measles could possibly cure cancer.

< ahref=http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2628617/Could-measles-cure-cancer-First-trial-experimental-treatment-leaves-49-year-old-woman-complete-remission.html>The Daily Mail reported that the Mayo Clinic researchers said that the result of this study shows that the virus will infect and kill cancer cells, but will leave the normal cells remaining.

Two patients have undergone the treatment that was in the earliest stages of human trials. Both of the patients that received the treatment showed a reduction in both bone marrow cancer and myeloma.

In one of the cases a 49 year old woman experienced complete remission and had no sign of the disease for over six months. The other patient did not respond as well to the treatment, though imaging did show that the cancer cells were targeted by the virus.

According to Headlines and Global News, the virus was originally engineered to be able to target the cancer cells and make the cells easier to spot.

The researchers are now in the process of beginning a larger stage two clinical trial.



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