Lily Allen taken to hospital after 'projectile vomiting,' says she's fine

By Kyle Johnson,

Lily Allen was taken to the hospital after suffering from a mystery illness after traveling between London and New York, but says that she's fine.

Allen took to Instagram earlier in the week noting that "travel (was) catching up with me" and posted a picture of cold medicine. But somehow things took a dramatic turn to the worse as she ended needing to go to the hospital, where Allen tweeted: "I can't stop projectile vomiting, also temperature" and then threw in the hashtag #poisoned for good measure.

Sites like E! News believe she likely is suffering from food poisoning.

Later on Thursday, the British singer again took to Instagram to post a picture of her looking pale in the hospital and the caption, "#SHEEzUS in #SHOSPITAL." She also made sure to let fans know that she's doing fine, and is getting plenty of fluids because she "can't keep anything down."

According to New York Daily News, Allen's new album Sheezus debuted strongly on the iTunes music charts on May 2 and has since continued to climb.

image from Instagram via Lily Allen



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