'Mad Men' Episode 4 Recap: 'The Monolith'

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
Don doesn't like his new assignment

There is a large meeting in the office, and some people have hard hats on. There will be a computer installed, so that SCP can "enter the future." The staff argues about what this will mean.

The IBM 360. A guy named Lloyd is telling Draper and Harry Crane about all the wonders of the new computer. He says they both sell the IBM product and compete against IBM -- so they're "LEASETECH." Don seems to argue with the prospective client about computers and people. Lloyd says that computers will allow you to play God. Don has a very skeptical attitude towards this.

Lou is in Peggy's office. He gives her a raise and puts her in charge of "Burger Chef"... He also puts Don in her team -- so she is in charge of him!

She calls Don into her office. Don gets the message and says "send her in." His secretary says that he has to head into her office. Peggy triea to be cordial and gets right into talking about the new campaign. As she is speaking, Don looks very upset.

After the meeting with Peggy, Don goes back into his office and throws a fit, throwing a typewriter against the wall.

Don arrives at work the next day and is told he has a meeting scheduled with Peggy. When the time for the meeting arrives, he's in his office playing solitaire. One of Peggy's copy crew walks in to remind him and he tells him he's not going.

Roger Sterling is having some family problems. He receives word that his daughter and her husband are in trouble. Sterling gets together with his ex-wife to find her at a hippie commune. That apparently explains her change in behavior the last time Sterling met with her.

Sterling's ex doesn't want to see anymore and she leaves. Sterling decides to stay and take in life with the commune.

Lloyd comes back in to Don's office. He takes Don through the whole "LeaseTech" business model. It's quite cut-throat for components makers, but Don gives him reassurance that advertising will work.

Don goes to talk to Bertram Cooper, to tell him about the new business. Cooper doesn't seem to care, and begins to insult Don, telling him that everything is going just fine, and they don't need new business.

Don storms back into his old office (Now Lou's) and grabs a bottle of vodka. He sits in his office and begins to get to work on it. Don's old friend comes in and they take off to the Mets game, with Don staggering out of the office drunk.

The next day, when Don is hung over, he shares with his friend all of the problems that have befallen him since coming back to SCP. He gets urged to go in and swallow his pride, and do his task for Peggy. When he gets back to the office he tells Peggy he'll have the work done by lunch, then hops on the typewriter.

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