Mad Men Episode 6: "The Strategy" Recap

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
A homecoming of sorts at Sterling Cooper.

Don wasn't in the meeting, and Peggy approaches him telling him she thinks Don should take the lead, even though it wasn't her idea. Don asks who's idea it was, and says that he thought Peggy was doing a great job.

While in town, Pete tries to make his rounds with the family--- and he gets upset that Trudy goes out and leaves their daughter overnight with a babysitter.

Megan is also in town, and she surprises Don at the office. The two take time shopping and eating out around town. They share a lot of quality time and seem to be mending their recent problems.

Bob Benson is also back in New York, and he receives word that GM is arranging for him to be hired by Buick. Apparently one of the GM heads becomes his boyfriend in his time in Detroit.

Benson tries to go all-out to spend time with Joan Harris, and asks her to marry him, since Buick expects a certain type of executive. Joan knows he's gay, and says she wants love and not some sort of arrangement. During this exchange, it becomes revealed that SCP is about to lose the prized GM account.

Towards the end of this episode, Peggy and Don have some of their most constructive time together. They are revising their pitches to Burger Chef. Frank Sinatra's My Way starts to play, and it's not over the soundtrack, but over the office's audio system.

Peggy and Don begin to vent about the nature of their work-- that pushing idyllic family values to the rest of the country is not even realistic. She doubts that the family situations they present even exist. Most of the kids the firm would push in the 1950's era ads are now getting drafted or pregnant.

Don compliments Peggy, saying he's never had to worry about her. As Don and Peggy share their deepest fears with each other, Don asks her to dance to the Sinatra tune. Peggy rests her head on Don's shoulder.

The partners have an emergency meeting of sorts, naming Harry Crane the newest partner. It becomes revealed that SCP has now lost GM.

Don, Peggy, and Pete go out to eat at Burger Chef, where they ironically share a family-type moment after a long discussion about how vague the idea of the American family is. The camera play works out just like an ad, and zooms out from outside the window as we fade to black.

Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC



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