'Mad Men' Recap: Episode 5 'The Runaways'

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
Don Draper is back to form

Stan Rizzo of Peggy's copy crew found a comic strip that Lou created next to the copy machine. Lou's secretary finds out that it's gotten around, and she's afraid she's about to get in trouble. She tells the youngsters not to share anything about it, but they just laugh it off.

A hippie girl calls Don Draper and tells him she's pregnant. One is left to wonder where he met her. Her name is Stephanie Horton, and she says she's Draper's niece. Before she hangs up, she calls him "Dick," so she knows all about him. Don sets Stephanie up to stay at Megan's house in L.A., and says he'll catch the next flight to the West Coast.

Back at the office, the guys are passing around the copy of "Scout's Honor," Lou's comic strip. They share it with Don, who has a good laugh as well. Lou eventually picks up on all the ridicule, and gives them all a piece of his mind during the creative meeting. He holds the team in late at night as punishment, including Don, who is forced to miss his flight to L.A.

Stephanie is already making herself at home at Megan's house. The two make very awkward conversation, and Megan offers her a check for $1,000, prompting her to leave. Stephanie strangely points out that nothing happened between her and Don, even though she's his niece. Megan stares out and ponders what she said.

When Don arrives at Megan's, he becomes very upset with Megan when he finds out that Stephanie is already gone. She tries to cheer him up since she's throwing a house party with her actress friends.

At the party, Megan begins to dance with some strange man. Don stands at the porch staring in. A strange lady - one of Megan's friends, starts to talk to Don and offers him drugs.

Michael Ginsberg shows up at Peggy's apartment after a long night of work, saying that the computer at work is driving him crazy. He uses his pleas of insanity to try to make a move on Peggy, when he goes to kiss her, she asks him to leave. The next work day, Ginsberg shows up in Peggy's office as whacked out as ever. He hands her a gift box - his cut-off bloody nipple. Peggy calls some medics, who have Ginsberg wheeled out strapped into a stretcher.

Harry Crane shows up at Megan's party, and gives Don the inside word that the partners are working on a big account with Phillip Morris. Crane says that the solution is for Don to come out to L.A., to work the account and be with his wife, safely away from the partners. Crane says that Don isn't supposed to know, and to keep a lid on it.

When Don gets back to Megan's, Megan and her friend offer him drugs, but Don just wants to get to bed. As Don takes off his clothes to jump in bed, the two women follow Don in, eventually seducing him into a threesome.

In the morning, Don says he has to go back to work, with some urgency.

Back in New York, Don finds out about a meeting between the partners and the Phillip Morris representatives at the Algonquin Hotel. He drops in unannounced, and proceeds to develop a hell of a pitch. Don deflects criticism about trust and loyalty in the past in regards to Lucky Strike cigarettes. When the SCP partners leave, Lou tells Don he's incredible. Jim Cutler, one of Draper's enemies as a partner, smirks and says, "You think this is going to save you." Don calls for a cab as we fade to black.

Photo Credit:Michael Yarish/AMC



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