Man drives truck into Baltimore TV station, barricades himself inside

By Kyle Johnson,

Police say that a man rammed his truck into a Baltimore-area TV station on Tuesday and then barricaded himself inside.

The suspect rammed the WMAR-TV/ABC2 building shortly before noon with a dump truck, the station reports. After failing to gain access by screaming at those inside the building, he rammed the building another three times until he was able to get inside. He was wearing a backpack as he tried to get into the lobby, leaving many worried he was armed.

Meteorologist Mike Masco tweeted that the man repeatedly shouted "I am God" as he tried to get into the building. He then followed that tweet up with another that said the guy had weapons inside of his truck and that everyone in the building was evacuated.

The nearby St. Pius X School was placed on lockdown as soon as reports of the man at the news station surfaced.

ABC 2 reporter Brian Kuebler also tweeted about the incident, most recently noting that police appeared to be gearing up.

image from Twitter via Brian Kuebler



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