'MasterChef' Season 5 Episode 1 Top 30 Compete Recap

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

Welcome to the fifth season of MasterChef, the worlds largest cooking show where thousands of Americans compete to earn the title of the best home cook in the U.S. The season begins with a montage showing the three judges, Gordon Ramsey, Graham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich in different parts of the country surrounded by hopefuls who wish to make their way into the MasterChef kitchen.

The competition is stocked with rules and instructions that are easy to follow – cook your way through the challenges to the judges’ high praise and approval. If they do not like what the contestants are doing, they could be sent home in a flash.

For the season premiere it all began with the top thirty competitors walking into the MasterChef kitchen to be greeted with a warm welcome from the three judges. After a small amount of praise and congratulations from the judges, the true competition begins. All of the chefs are sent to their cooking stations equipped with an oven, stove, sink and all the necessary tools of a five star restaurant. At their stations is a wood block with the MasterChef logo on it and the contestants are told to pick up the block to see what they would be working with for the day.

It turns out to be a mirror and each contestant is staring themselves down, some in confusion and others with a small smirk. One contestant even said, “I saw myself in the mirror and thought, ‘Hey I look good.'” After a few moments the judges chose to explain the mirror by announcing that the objective for their first challenge is to put themselves on a plate. Show the judges who they are in the form of the cuisine of their choosing. For some, it is a simple task and for others it means a little bit of soul searching under pressure.

image courtesy of Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com

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