Miami Heat defeats Brooklyn Nets in first game of the semifinals

By Angelica Stephens,

Miami Heat beat the Brooklyn Nets in the first game of the Eastern Conference semifinals series, remaining undefeated during the postseason.

This was the first time this year that the Heat won against the Nets after suffering 5 defeats this season.

According to Fox Sports LeBron James scored the most points throughout the game having scored 22 points, with Ray Allen not far behind having scored 19.

Heat players Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and Mario Chalmers also contributed greatly to the victory with Bosh having scored 15 points and 11 rebounds, Wade 14 points, and Chalmers 12.

The third quarter of the game is where the Heat took charge and shined. The Heat took a 3 point lead at the beginning of the quarter with a score of 55-52 thanks to a three pointer shot by Williams. The Heat then soared with a 24-9 run that gave Heat the points they needed to stay ahead the remainder of the game. The thirteen point lead left the Nets unable to keep up.

According to Bleacher Report Jason Kidd, the coach for the Brooklyn Nets, made some poor judgments during the fourth quarter of the game by taking out many of the team’s best starters.

The win against the Nets proved to be a great success for the Heat, allowing the team to take a breather for the night, according to one of the Miami Heat players.

"It's fun when you win the game and you can at least for a night do whatever it is you do, have some dinner, chill at home and exhale a little bit," Bosh said. "When you lose, you can't sleep, your stomach hurts and it's not a very good situation," Fox Sports

The second game in the series will take place this Thursday.



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