Michael Jackson hologram rumored to be ‘performing’ at Billboard awards, if lawsuit doesn’t shut it down

By Daniel S Levine,

Michael Jackson came back to life this month with Xscape, a new album that remixed several unreleased tracks from the King of Pop. However, that might not be the only way the late singer is making a comeback. This Sunday’s 2014 Billboard Music Awards could feature a Jackson hologram, similar to the famous Tupac hologram from 2012.

At the moment, this is just a rumor, which was started by Showbiz 411. The site claims that the hologram will “perform” the Xscape track “Slave to the Rhythm,” which was originally recorded in the 1980s and remixed for release.

John Textor is the man behind this new hologram and was the head of Digital Domain, the company that created the Tupac hologram. That company went bankrupt after going public and he stepped down in September 2012. He created a new company, which is looking to get the rights to other dead celebrities estates might want to bring back to life.

However, TMZ is reporting that Alki David has filed a lawsuit against the Jackson estate and awards producers Dick Clark Productions. David claims that he owns the rights to the technology and is planning his own Jackson hologram spectacular.

It’s worth noting that David is also the man who runs FilmOn.com and claimed in March that he found Jackson’s “lost” son.

In a statement to TMZ, Jackson estate lawyer Howard Weitzman said in response to the suit, “This is another Alki David stunt, no different than his claiming that Brandon Howard was Michael Jackson's son. It is ludicrous ... and the show goes on.”



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