Michigan suburb fines man $200 for cursing

By Michelle Kapusta,

If you are ever in Brighton, Michigan you may need to watch your mouth so you don’t get a ticket.

According to the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus, Colin Andersen was hanging out near a playground last month when an officer issued his friend a ticket for skateboarding. The officer then asked the pair to leave the area. Frustrated, the 19-year-old mumbled, “This is f------ bull----.”

The officer heard his comment and was not pleased so he gave Andersen a ticket for disorderly conduct, the New York Daily News noted.

Brighton Police Chief Tom Wightman said that the town does not have a law against using obscenities, but officers are often called to the playground when teenagers hang there and act disorderly. He added that teens are expected to behave like everyone else and if they do not, they can be ticketed.

Andersen fought the ticket in court but lost and was forced to pay the hefty $200 fine for his two choice words.



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