'Midnight Rider' lawsuit: Sarah Jones' parents seek answers, wake-up call

By Kyle Johnson,

The parents of the camera assistant killed while working on Midnight Rider said they filed the wrongful death lawsuit in order to ge answers and hopefully provide a wake-up call.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Sarah Jones' mother, Elizabeth, said, the civil suit is "a way of finding out what did happen on the tracks that day -- and why did they choose that track? -- and find out what happened. What went wrong where our daughter died?"

The couple's attorney Jeffrey Harris notes that filing the suit allows the family to more easily get to the truth of what happened back in February during filming. He noted that earlier statements made by those involved in production of the film have been mostly "people blaming other people."

Harris said, "One of the reasons why we've named a number of defendants is we have a number of people telling conflicting stories about what happened that day and the only way to get to the bottom of it is to put them under oath and determine exactly what happened."

Sarah's father, Richard, also noted that he hopes the lawsuit could serve as a wake-up call for those in the industry regarding safety on film sets, since he doesn't feel enough people paid enough attention to Sarah's death.

As previously reported, the lawsuit accused several plaintiffs, including director Randall Miller, the production company, CSX railroad and Rayonier, of negligence in the death of their daughter. They are looking for unspecified monetary damages.

Sarah died after she was unable to get out of the way of an oncoming train while filming a dream sequence involving a bed on a train track for the Gregg Almman biopic Midnight Rider. Production on the film is indefinitely delayed.



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