Miley Cyrus gets restraining order against Arizona man

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Singer and headline maker Miley Cyrus obtained a temporary restraining order on Friday against an Arizona man who was recently detained when he tried to meet Cyrus.

The Associated Press reported that a Los Angeles judge granted the restraining order. The order now prohibits Devon Meek from coming close to the "We Can't Stop" singer.

Cyrus' lawyers filed documents in court which explained that Meek thought that the singer was trying to communicate to him through her songs.

L.A. police arrested the man who is from the southeastern Arizona city, Sierra Vista. Following that arrest, he was placed in a psychiatric hospital, which is where he is currently being held. Meek has made it known that he will try to meet Cyrus again once he is released, according to the paperwork that was filed by Cyrus' attorney, which a police detective confirmed.

The arrest took place outside of a home that Meek thought belonged to Cyrus, Time added.

A hearing has already been scheduled for June 16. At that hearing, it will be determined if the order will be extended for three more years.

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