Miley Cyrus tweets rant at G-A-Y nightclub had 'nothing to do with Liam' (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

Miley Cyrus is now denying that her “f—k you” rant, believed to be about ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth, at London’s G-A-Y nightclub this past weekend was about him. She took to Twitter to shoot down rumors the expletive-filled rant was aimed towards him.

As we previously reported, Cyrus, 21, talked about those who have broken her heart before performing her hit “Wrecking Ball.” Now she’s saying that she said what she said just to “rile up the boys.”

“just FYI what I said the other night at G.A.Y had nothing to do with Liam. I was just tryin to rile up the boys,” she first tweeted, adding, “I don't usually respond to tabloidy stuff but this isn't something I want being spread around. It sounded hateful but not what I meant. I never want hateful things being said about those I care about... I was just tooooo turnttttt up.”

Cyrus was quoted as saying on stage that night, “So I'm gonna tell those mother––––––s that broke my heart, particularly one, to suck my fat d––– and to enjoy hearing this song for the rest of your life and every time you get in your car, you're going to hear my f–––––g song on the f–––––g radio, you piece of s–––.

That's right. And then I'm gonna take all my clothes off, I'm gonna sit on a big, giant d––– – sometimes two – I'm gonna swing around, and then I'm gonna hold the record for the most-watched music video on Vevo."



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