'The Mindy Project' Recap: 'The Girl Next Door'

By Lauren Wheeler,

On this week’s episode of The Mindy Project, Mindy goes apartment shopping, Peter gets a smart girl and Danny tries to spend time with Mindy.

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At the beginning of the episode, Mindy says that she is enjoying her break from having boyfriends. However, when she escapes from a hospital and roams the street, Officer Charlie Lang pulls up to save her. He takes her home and she wakes up to find him in her apartment with a wrench, fixing things.

Mindy takes that and says that she is going to start doing things on her own. One of the changes she is going to make is to buy an apartment rather than rent one. She wants to go alone but Danny forces himself in to help her.

First apartment they visit is in Little Chernobyl. It is dirty and the apartment is on the ninth floor. Danny convinces Mindy that it isn’t good. He shows her pictures of an apartment in his building that is ready to move in. Mindy is curious about it but is unsure. Danny says that she should just stay a few days and see how it works.

When Mindy settles in, Danny drops off bags of items from Target and hangs around. He asks if she’s hungry and if she wants to come over to his place for dinner. They watch a movie together and enjoy themselves.

Peter, however, notices how bad it is. He points out that neither Danny nor Mindy could bring someone back to the apartment without the other getting jealous. Mindy humors him and decides to test and see if it will work. Mindy calls up Charlie and asks him over for dinner. She says it is to thank him for his help.

When Mindy is fixing Charlie dinner, Danny does actually get jealous. He bursts in and interrupts it. He talks to Charlie about who grew up in the tougher part of Staten Island. When Danny leaves, he says that he’s sorry that he interrupted the date. Mindy says that it isn’t a date, so Charlie gets mad and leaves.

The next morning, after Danny invites her to game night, Mindy calls Charlie and apologizes. She invites him out for a real date. He accepts.

That evening, Danny comes over to Mindy’s to ask for detergent. He tries to kiss her again and she denies him. She says that he needs to make up his mind. She then goes on a date with Charlie.

While I am totally team Danny/Mindy, stargazing with Charlie is pretty romantic.

Meanwhile, Peter is having romantic troubles. He says that he’s tired of dating American girls and wants to date a British girl. Jeremy invites him to a party and Peter meets the one American girl, Lauren. They hit it off.

When Lauren leaves to go into the bedroom, Peter assumes that she wants to get it on. However, as he walks into the room stripping his clothes, he finds that she is feeding her baby.

Lauren is a brain surgeon, mother and successful. Peter wants to back out of the date because he’s not used to dating smart girls, just dumb ones. Lauren tells Jeremy that she wants someone more mature. While on a date with a dumb girl, Peter realizes that he wants to go on a date with a smart girl.

Peter rushes into the operating room and asks Lauren for another date and she agrees.

Quote of the night: “I think you are waiting for one guy and I think I met him last night.” –Charlie, discussing Danny with Mindy.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Mindy Project?

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