Missing Fox executive Gavin Smith declared dead by LA Sheriff

By Daniel S Levine,

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department said Thursday that 20th Century Fox executive Gavin Smith has been declared dead. Smith has been missing for exactly two years.

Smith, who worked for Fox distribution, went missing on May 1, 2012. His car was found in March 2013. At that point, LAPD homicide detectives took over the case. He was 57 years old at the time he went missing.

Unfortunately, on Thursday, the Sheriff’s Department officially declared him dead, reports NBC Los Angeles.

“He was a striking individual, tall, fit and, I think the idea of a person that goes missing out of nowhere is intriguing and tragic,” Lt. Dave Dolson, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department told the station. “A judge has ruled a death certificate for Gavin.”

The mystery of his disappearance might also be solved, as Dolson said that Smith died the day he disappeared. He was last seen in Oak Park that day, driving his Mercedes-Benz. The case was a complete mystery until the car was discovered in a Simi Valley storage facility that has been linked to drug dealer John Creech, who is currently in prison.

However, the Sheriff’s Department did not release further information on the case, notes The Hollywood Reporter.

Detectives are still trying to find Smith’s body. Dolson did tell NBC LA that the remains could be recovered, but didn’t say anything further.



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