Mitch McConnell has a high chance of winning tonight's Kentucky primary

By Angelica Stephens,

There’s a high chance that Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell will come out ahead after tonight’s primary against Matt Bevin.

McConnell has been the underdog for the past several months, being the minority senate leader. However, recent polls have shown his popularity rising. The Real Clear Politics poll shows McConnell up 26 percent over Bevin.

The senator has had two recent victories that boost his chance of winning tonight. His first success was getting Rand Paul to endorse him and making his campaign manager Paul’s senior adviser, so that the libertarian senator wouldn’t endorse a non-GOP candidate. His second victory was bringing up some past dirt on his competitor so that Bevin supporters may change their minds, according to The Daily Caller.

McConnell also has the upper hand because the Georgia and Kentucky primaries are usually where the GOP makes it to the top. It is during these primaries where Republicans question which candidate will have the best chance at beating the Democratic opponent during the main elections, which leaves most picking the mainstream GOP candidate since they don’t want to risk defeat, NBC News noted.

Bevin, McConnell’s rival, has invested more than anyone ever has spent on defeating an incumbent senator. However, he is still convinced that he will bring in the victory.

The Kentucky primary will take place tonight.



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