Monica Lewinsky offered $250,000 for infamous blue dress

By Michelle Kapusta,

The Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum has offered Monica Lewinsky $250,000 for her infamous blue dress and $100,000 a year to run the museum.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal obtained a letter in which the museum’s owner, Dr. Harry V. Mohney, extended the employment offer to the former intern.

"I am prepared to offer you a job managing and curating the Erotic Heritage Museum, starting at once for $100,000.00 per year, with a 10-year contract including benefits and cost of living increases."

In a recent Vanity Fair essay, the 40-year said that she has had trouble finding employment since her affair with Bill Clinton was made public in the ‘90s.

She also wrote that it was time to “bury” the blue dress. The museum, however, would like to take the dress off her hands and has offered an additional $250,000 for it.

The same museum also offered to buy underwear thought to be worn by Jacqueline Kennedy and a bra said to be worn by Pat Nixon.

Lewinsky has not yet responded to the offer.

image courtesy of Roger Wong/INFGoff.com



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