Moore, Oklahoma remembers disastrous 2013 tornado one year later

By Angelica Stephens,

Today marks the one-year anniversary of a 5F tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma, leaving several hundred injured and 24 dead.

Tornadoes are not strangers to Moore, as a 1999 storm also killed many and a 2003 storm ruined various buildings. Still, the 2013 storm is one of the worst that this area has seen in a long time, one that has caused damage that is still being repaired to this day.

The 2013 storm was 17 miles wide and left over 1,000 homes in ruins. The damage was so bad that city officials had to remake street signs so that rescuers could know where they were going, according to CNN.

One of the survivors, Julie Lewis, remarked, “It’s never going to be the same here ever again. This is our new normal”, The Washington Post noted.

Several projects are on way such as making sure each home has a tornado shelter, building houses for single-parent families, and re-building the Moore Medical center.

A memorial for the Moore community is taking place where the former Moore Medical center stood.

image via Twitter from CNN Photos

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