NCAA to allow Boise State to provide extra assistance for homeless football recruit

By Kyle Johnson,

On Wednesday, the NCAA approved a request from Boise State that would allow the university to provide extra assistance to an incoming football recruit who happens to be homeless.

Antoine Turner was never really able to enjoy a stable home life after his mother passed away when he was all of four years old. According to KTVB, he had a strained relationship with his father resulting in him leaving home and moving from place to place for most of his life and even spending time in a gang in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Turner said he was able to get out with the help of football as gang members recognized he had talent, but his grades were too weak so he enrolled in California's Fullerton Junior College, despite not having anywhere to live.

His girlfriend's family did end up helping him and until school starts at Boise State he will be living in motels and in his girlfriend's car. After playing well for Fullerton, Boise State offered him a scholarship.

Thanks to KVTB's reports fans discovered Turner's situation and so Boise State officials made sure to let boosters know they couldn't help due to NCAA rules, reports the Los Angeles Times. "Money, loans, gifts, discounts, transportation cost, etc" were not permissible, the university's compliance office said in a letter.

So Boise State reached out to the NCAA over the unique circumstances of Turner's situation, notes the Idaho Statesman and miraculously the college organizational body ruled that the university would be allowed to provide immediate assistance.

A school spokesman said they are reaching out to Turner to find out what he needs. He is currently finishing classes at Fullerton before he heads over to Boise State later in the summer.



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