New Jersey woman charged with assaulting 94-year-old grandmother

By Michelle Kapusta,

Prosecutors in Ocean County, New Jersey said that they have filed charges against a woman who allegedly assaulted her own 94-year-old grandmother.

According to WPVI, 37-year-old Katherine Schubert is being charged with aggravated assault after she allegedly attacked her elderly grandmother, Mary Francis Driscol.

Authorities said that when Schubert’s mother could not reach her daughter or her mother at all over the weekend she went to the home the two shared on Sunday.

The Star-Ledger reported that Driscol was found lying in a bed “semi-conscious.” Schurbert was also at the home. She was sitting down in the kitchen and appeared to be "intoxicated."

Driscol suffered several injuries, including brain bleeding, blood shot eyes and multiple bruising and lacerations. As of Monday, she was still hospitalized and being treated for those injuries.

Schurbert was apprehended and sent to the Ocean County jail where her bail has been set at $150,000.

No motive has been given and Brick police are continuing to investigate the incident.



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