NFL owners to vote on playoff expansion in fall

By Alex Jordan,

There has been talk about the NFL expanding the playoffs. It’s not going to happen this season as owners said on Tuesday that they won’t vote on it until the fall.

Talks of a playoff expansion were held at the spring meetings. The playoff format would go from 12 teams to 14 teams. The expansion would eliminate one of the first-round byes, with only the team with the best record in each conference getting a week off at the start of the playoffs. Twenty-four of the 32 owners would have to vote in favor of the expansion for it to be official, according to ESPN.

The NFL playoffs haven’t been expanded since 1990, when a sixth qualifier was added to each conference. The players union has said that it needs to be consulted on a playoff expansion.

"There will be no vote today," NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told USA Today.

New York Giants president and co-owner John Mara said, "I've never been in favor of it. But there are a lot of owners who seem to support it. At some point, it will come up for a vote.”

The possibility of expanding the playoffs isn’t the only thing that the owners are discussing at the spring meetings. The will vote on Tuesday on the site of the 2018 Super Bowl. New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis are in the bidding for the 2018 Super Bowl. Minneapolis won the rights to host the game.

It will be interesting to see if the playoffs are expanded, which won’t happen until 2015 at the earliest if it happens at all.



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