Nicolas Cage stars in first 'Left Behind' trailer (Video)

By Kevin Kryah,

The remake of the religious drama Left Behind has its first trailer.

The trailer depicts a crisis on a plane where the passengers, along with millions worldwide, vanish in the Rapture. Nicolas Cage plays Ray Steele, a commercial airline pilot whose wife is one of those taken by the Rapture.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that veteran stuntman Vic Armstrong directed the film. The screenplay was written by John Patus and producer Paul LaLonde.

The Left Behind books were written by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. According to Variety, the books have sold over 65 million copies in 32 different languages.

Left Behind was previously adapted as a film in 2000, with Kirk Cameron starring as reporter Buck Williams. Chad Michael Murray plays Williams in the remake.

In addition to Cage and Michael Murray, Left Behind also stars Back to the Future's Lea Thompson and Big Love's Cassi Thomson. They play Cage’s wife and daughter, respectively.

The film is slated for an Oct. 3 release.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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