Novak Djokovic invites ball boy to sit with him during French Open rain delay

By Zach Levatino,

On day two of the French Open, Novak Djokovic of Serbia was set to play Joao Sousa of Portugal at noon. After winning the first set 6-1 and leading the second set 5-2, it began to rain. Play was immediately suspended for the rain delay and while most players would retreat to the locker room, Djokovic simply took a seat on his bench while a ball boy stood over him holding an umbrella.

Then, to much surprise, the no. 2 ranked tennis player in the world slid down the bench and offered the boy a seat. Djokovic even took the umbrella from the boy and handed him his racket for safekeeping, according to Yahoo Sports.

The two sat and talked for about 10 minutes as they waited for the rain to slow down.

“We had a nice chat, he’s a tennis player so I asked how long he’s playing and how he’s enjoying his time as a ball kid,” Djokovic said, notes NBC Sports.

They capped off their moment by saying cheers with their respective beverages.

Djokovic went on the win the match by scores of 6-2, 6-2 and 6-4.

image courtesy of INFPoto.com



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