Odessa, Ukraine clash leaves over 40 dead, many from building fire

By Kyle Johnson,

A clash between separatists and Ukrainian unity supporters have left over 40 people dead in Odessa, with many coming after a building was set aflame.

A trade union building was set on fire on Friday, with those inside either dying of smoke inhalation or as a result of jumping out of upper floor windows, according to The Associated Press.

The clash between the two sides broke out as those seeking unity were marching in the streets of Odessa, with some wearing the color of the Chornomorets, a local football club, when pro-Russian separatists attacked. Some separatists were wearing colors representative of the eastern Kharkiv club Metalist.

Four were killed as a direct result of the fight, which included the use of explosives and other objects. The Los Angeles Times reports 15 people were left injured according to police, while Russia Today said it was closer to 37.

According to Reuters, a local politician, Dmytro Spivak, spoke with Ukrainian television and placed the blame on the separatists. "It is abundantly clear that the pro-Russia side was very well armed, well organized and that this action was planned long ago."

Spivak noted that police in the area during the clash did little to step in and end it.



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