Officer fatally shot before New Hampshire home exploded

By Kyle Johnson,

Before part of a house in New Hampshire exploded Monday night, it was revealed that a police officer was shot and killed inside.

State Attorney General Joseph Foster said that Brentwood police officer Steve Arkell was responding to a domestic disturbance at the home and that he was allegedly shot by 47-year-old Michael Nolan, reports Boston.com. Arkell was only a part-time officer on the force.

Another officer attempted to enter the home, but Foster said they were "driven out by gunfire." The shooter died in the home as well, but it isn't yet known if he died during the fire and during the explosion that followed shortly afterward. According to WCVB, Nolan set the fire in the home.

As previously reported, Epping firefighters showed up on the scene when the house was still just on fire, but they were held back due to reports that someone inside the house was armed with a rifle or similar gun.

They were allowed to begin putting out the fire about half an hour after the explosion ripped part of the roof off the house. Exeter Hospital director of public relations Debra Vasapolli said that one person from the scene was admitted to the hospital, but the person was not shot.



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