Oklahoma death row inmate's execution delayed for six months

By Kyle Johnson,

An Oklahoma death row inmate's execution will be delayed for six months while an investigation is conducted into the botched execution last week.

The state attorney general's office says that they won't fight a temporary stay of execution for Charles Warner after Clayton Lockett's botched execution, reports The Associated Press. Warner's lawyers made the request after Gov. Mary Fallin filed for a two-week stay.

Assistant Attorney General Seth Branham said in a statement, "Should additional time be needed for implementation of any changes or adjustment, the state will request it."

The stay comes a week after Lockett's lethal injection execution failed and resulted in the inmate painfully living another 43 minutes before dying of a heart attack. When it was apparent the execution had gone wrong, officials closed the curtains and prison system director Robert Patton tried to call off the execution.

A report released by Patton said that the problem was that the vein collapsed and officials lacked the drugs necessary for another dose. They had to tap into a vein in his groin.



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