Oprah Winfrey sued by new Telluride, Colorado neighbor

By Gina DiFalco,

Oprah Winfrey is being sued by her neighbor in Telluride, Colorado, who claims she’s blocking access to hiking trails.

Charles D. Goodman, a retired physicist, claimed in the lawsuit that Winfrey secretly made a deal with the previous owners of the property she purchased for $10.9 million two months ago as well as her Yellow Brick Road company to close access to the trails.

Before Hoyt and Carol Barnett sold the land to Winfrey, Goodman claimed they asked for a correction to property records, The AP reports. This amendment now prohibits neighbors to use the trails.

The trails were created in 1989. Winfrey has yet to build a home on the property she purchased, which was owned by the U.S. Forest Service at the time they were established.

According to the Denver Post, Winfrey’s rep said of the ordeal “It is our hope that we can work together on a usage plan that is mutually agreeable."

Goodman told TMZ of his new neighbor, "I have no objection to Oprah building a house. But I do not like the idea of being blocked off by gates and fences."



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