‘Orphan Black’ Season 2 recap and review: ‘Governed As It Were By Chance’

By Ricky Riley,

Sarah comes home to look for answers. With Cosima's help, she digs into the origins of the clone experiment. The hunt takes her right into the belly of the beast, but getting out again could cost her more than she knows.

Sarah’s and Cosima’s Plot Line

Sarah’s storyline starts where last week’s episode leaves off. Cal rams the car Sarah was driving with his truck. Sarah walks away but her captor does not. Later on, we find out that he isn’t dead. What ends up happening is that Sarah recruits Cal but refuses to tell him that she is a clone. However, she does tell him about the Dyad institute. They take an RV and Sarah contacts Cosima to ask about project Leda. Cosima informs Sarah that Leda was a spouse of Zeus and their twins were demigods.

Sarah decides to return and find Felix in order to investigate Mrs. S. Then Sarah and Felix returns to Mrs. S’ home and they discover that the two scientist in project Leda are Rachel’s adoptive parents. Cosima and Felix then team up to help Sarah find the hotel room to the Sarah’s captor/ Rachel’s monitor. She snoops around but her captor from the car accident shows up and ties her up in order to cut off her ear or skin her. Then Helena comes and saves the day. Helena kills the captor and hugs Sarah.

Alison’s Plot Line

This week Alison goes to rehab and Donnie threatens to take the kids away from her if she does not complete the program. Alison had some funny interactions with the staff but that’s about it for this episode.

The Wrap Up

The major developments in this episode revolved around Art, Helena, and Mrs. S. Art has been investigating the Proletheans for the past few episodes. We learn that Hank’s daughter, Grace, was trying to suffocate Helena but Helena puts her into sleeper hold and escapes. Before leaving, she enters an operation room and triggers her memory. She was operated on and something was taken from her. As she escapes, Helena runs into Art. Art manages to distract the Proletheans long enough for Helena to escape and find Sarah.
We discover that Mrs. S has been lying. She meets a man named Carlton that was responsible for bringing Sarah to Mrs. S. Sarah knows about Carlton but she did not know that Mrs. S had an intimate relationship with him.
However, the biggest development is that Helena has gotten pregnant by the Proletheans.


This was the best episode of the season. The revelations just keep coming and I want more. Tatiana Maslany has managed to be a dozen people without being declared insane. Her acting range has no bounds and she is the show. As the show progresses on, the conspiracy gets bigger and new characters are being introduced to the story. Sometimes as more characters are introduced, it subtracts from the main storylines in the show. I think that the writers have done a good job balancing those two different aspects with great precision. People like Art, Mrs. S and Helena have become more important than Alison and Cosima at this point. Orphan Black airs on BBC America.

Here is a sneak peek of the next episode:



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