Over 60 teens arrested for New Jersey high school prank

By Daniel S Levine,

A high school senior prank in Teaneck, New Jersey went way too far, leaving Teaneck High School covered in silly string and urine. They flipped over desks, taped hot dogs to lockers and even poured Vaseline on door handles. Their only mistake was tripping a burglar alarm, leading police to the high school.

In the end, 62 students were arrested, reports NJ.com. Teaneck police Acting Chief Robert Carney said that they had tripped the alarm at 2 a.m. and the students tried to run away when police arrived.

Carney said that 24 of the arrested students are adults, while the rest are juveniles who were later released to their parents. All 62 will be charged with burglary and criminal mischief.

“I've been a police officer 19 years, and this is the craziest thing I've ever seen,” Teaneck Police Sgt. John Garland told NBC New York. “They're learning the hard way that it's not too funny.” He added that several students said that this was a senior prank.

Carney said that over 15 law enforcement agencies were called in because of the number of students arrested.

Superintendent Barbara Pinsak also told the media that the students could face more punishment.

It took a few hours to clean up the mess and school was open on Thursday.



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