Pancreatic cancer to become second deadliest cancer by 2030

By Amanda Stewart,

May, as many of us know, is National Cancer Research Month. A new paper published in the journal “Cancer Research” says that by the year 2030 pancreatic cancer will be the second deadliest cancer.

While other cancers are more commonly diagnosed, more people die from pancreatic cancer. According to TIME, pancreatic cancer rates are steadily increasing.

Researchers expect the number of cancer cases to rise from 1.5 million to 2.1 million in 2030.

This could potentially be due to the rise in type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Pancreatic cancer is also extremely hard to detect.

Breast and prostate cancers both have effective screening processes, however, because the pancreas is deeper in the body, it is harder to find tumors.

This means, that in most cases, surgery and treatments are no longer effective by the time pancreatic cancer is diagnosed.

Researchers, according to Science World Report, looked at changes in demographic as well as the changes in cancer incidences and death.

“The projections for deaths from pancreatic and liver cancers are startling," said Lynn Matrisian, Ph.D., MBA.

Another alarming thing is that pancreatic cancer, though it is on the rise to becoming a number one killer, is extremely understudied and underfunded. That, in addition to it being hard to diagnose.



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