Paul Simon called 911 in domestic dispute with wife Edie Brickell

By Daniel S Levine,

More details are coming out on the domestic dispute that lead to the arrests of singer Paul Simon and his wife, singer Edie Brickell, on Saturday night. Police reports state that Simon is the one who called 911 and that Brickell was the one who confronted the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer.

Simon and Brickell were arrested on Saturday when police arrived at their New Canaan, Connecticut home at around 8 p.m. They both appeared in court on Monday, holding hands and downplaying the situation. The couple of 22 years told the judge that they do not feel threatened by each other.

Norwalk’s The Hour obtained two police reports on the incident that revealed the events leading up to the arrests. Police suggest that Brickell, 48, was the aggressor and is described as having a “moderate odor of alcohol” on her breath. She told the police that she went to their cottage to talk to Simon, 72, about something he did that “broke her heart,” although it’s not stated what he did.

Simon “cannot handle being criticized in any manner and became confrontational with her,” Brickell told police, accusing the “Graceland” singer of “acting like a spoiled baby.” She also said that she didn’t “hit” Simon, but “slapped” him.

Simon had a small superficial cut on his ear and admitted that he shoved Brickell in response. He then called 911, but quickly hung up. Nevertheless, police responded, with Simon standing outside when they arrived. Brickell was heard yelling at another woman, who turned out to be her mother.

The reports also say that Brickell told police that “there were other physical confrontations in the relationship” and that Simon had caused bruises on her back and the back of her head. However, Brickell would not give details and wouldn’t allow pictures to be taken of her injuries.

“No matter how much I asked Brickell if Simon had injured her more than what I saw on her wrist, she would not say that he did and there was no evidence to suggest the lump on her head was caused by Simon or that it occurred that night,” Sgt. Joseph Farenga wrote in his report.

Meanwhile, USA Today reports that the couple released a song on her Soundcloud account called “Like To Get To Know You.” The couple, who have three children, are going to be back in court on May 16.



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