Police identify mystery man who regularly defecated on playground slides

By Michelle Kapusta,

In stomach-turning news, police in Ypsilanti, Michigan, have identified a man who had been defecating on playground slides.

According to the Ann Arbor News, police recently identified the suspect and learned that he lives at a halfway house near a playground he had been using as a toilet.

Ypsilanti Police Chief Tony DiGiusti confirmed that the department contacted the individual and asked him to stop what he was doing.

Smeared feces were found on slides at Prospect Park from November to April and city workers had to be called to clean up the messes.

Since the disgusting behavior was happening so often, The Detroit News reported that the city was toying with the idea of installing hidden cameras to catch the suspect in the act.

Police did eventually install cameras and that is how the mystery man was identified.

City officials said that there has not been an incident since the individual was contacted and no charges are expected to be filed.



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