Prosecutors will charge teen who plotted school massacre as an adult

By Michelle Kapusta,

Prosecutors have announced that they will seek to charge 17-year-old John David LaDue, who planned to go on a killing spree at his high school, as an adult.

According to the Star Tribune, the Waseca County attorney’s office filed a motion on Friday asking that the teenager be charged as an adult.

Earlier, we reported the sick and twisted plot LaDue allegedly planned out. He decided on killing his family first and then planned on setting a fire to send responders elsewhere hoping that would distract them from quickly responding to Waseca Junior and Senior High School.

Then, KARE11 noted that authorities said that he told them that he would kill “as many students as he could,” at the school. He allegedly planned on shooting any student that was not killed or hurt by explosives he was going to set off.

Court documents also allege that the demented teen said he expected to accomplish the massacre before he was shot by SWAT officers.

"The information that has been revealed is that we've escaped what could have been a horrific experience," said Waseca Schools Superintendent Tom Lee.

The school will hold a meeting on Friday evening to communicate with parents about how to move past this together.



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