Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight' back on for a November shoot

By Will Ashton,

The back-and-forth nature of whether or not The Hateful Eight will be Quentin Tarantino's next film seemingly has just found its conclusion, as reports are now stating that the movie is back on and gearing up for a November shoot.

According to Showbiz 411, the film, which has been at the center of quite a few controversies when a first draft of the script leaked against Tarantino's will, leading to a very public legal battle between the filmmaker and Gawker, is going back into production at the end of the year.

Production is said to be taking place in Wyoming, according to sources that the site does not choose to mention.

Additionally, the reports mention that Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Dern and Michael Madsen, all of whom have been attached to the film from the very beginning, are attached. Kurt Russell, James Remar, Amber Tamblyn, Walt Goggins and Zoe Bell, all of whom recently participated in a live reading of the script, are also attached.

This comes only a couple days after Tarantino told members of the press at the Cannes Film Festival that he was working on a second draft and would soon be writing a third.

What is most curious about this report is that Christoph Waltz, who starred in Tarnatino's last two movies, Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained - leading him to take away the Best Supporting Actor Oscars both times - will not be making his third appearance in this film.

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