Rap Genius co-founder resigns for Isla Vista shooter manifesto annotations

By Kyle Johnson,

The co-founder of Rap Genius stepped down after making inappropriate annotations on the Isla Vista shooter's manifesto.

In a statement on the website, CEO and co-founder Tom Lehman explained that fellow co-founder Mahbod Moghadam resigned due to annotations that were contained "gleeful insensitivity and misogyny."

Lehman explained that the Rap Genius community looks to annotate everything and decided that Elliot Rodger's manifesto deserved a close read because "understanding the psychology of people who do horrible things can help us to better understand our society and ourselves."

Unfortunately, Moghadam offered up little true contribution on the annotation work, instead noting at one point where Rodger discusses his sister that she must be "smokin hot," according to Gawker, who posted screen captures. At other times, the Rap Genius co-founder seems into the manifesto, writing a couple times that it was "beautifully written."

Moghadam released a statement saying he "was fascinated" by the manifesto partially because Rodger was "talking about my neighborhood growing up." He added, "I got carried away with making the annotations and making any comment about his sister was in horrible taste."

As previously reported, Rodger killed seven people, including himself, on Friday night, and left another 13 people injured in a stabbing and series of drive-by shootings.

The shootings appear motivated out of the 22-year-old's misguided beliefs regarding women and rejection.



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