A rare goblin shark caught off the Florida coast

By Chris Howcroft,

There are many different types of sharks in the oceans around the world and one of the rarest sharks that we know about is the goblin shark. Captain Carl Moore, a shrimp captain from Georgia was about ten miles off the coast of Key West when he came across something that has only been caught one time before in the Gulf of Mexico.

Captain Moore caught a goblin shark, a species of deep-sea shark that was last recorded being caught in 2000. Moore caught the shark last month and immediately reported his findings to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, according to NBC News. These sharks are identified by their unique appearance including flat, elongated snouts that point off from the top of their heads. When their mouths open, they have several rows of razor sharp teeth.

The shark was estimated to be about 15 feet long, which is slightly shorter than the 18 foot goblin shark that was caught over a decade ago. According to CNN, goblin sharks look very prehistoric and this was a very important finding due to the little knowledge we have about this type of shark. This shark has not been seen by many people and there are many who want to learn more about this creature.

These sharks have been sighted off the coasts of California and Japan. They tend to be located in ocean depths of up to around 5,000 feet. Once Captain Moore took a picture of the shark, he released it back into the water. “Anything that’s alive we try to put back in the ocean,” said Moore who had no intention of keeping the shark as any type of trophy.

This new recorded sighting of the goblin shark could lead to more research to learn more about this unique type of shark that is swimming around the ocean today.



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