Recent studies show garlic may be key to fighting heart disease

By Brady Kirkland,

Studies recently conducted at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center finds that aged garlic extract may carry significant benefits for those battling heart disease.

According to NBC News Los Angeles, the studies were led by Dr. Matthew Budoff, a cardiologist from LABiomed. Over 70 patients were divided – many given a placebo while others were taking four pills of garlic per day. Cat scans taken both before and after the studies showed that those taking the garlic extract experienced less blockage in their arteries.

Budoff recognizes that there are still tests to be done in order to determine the exact correlation between the garlic and the improved heart conditions. However, he remains positive in regards to the benefits of the bulbous plant.

“Few therapies have even been able to slow or stop hardening of the arteries,” Budoff said to News Max Health. “So I consider aged garlic extract to be an elite class of treatment to potentially reverse the process of heart disease.”

One patient involved in Budoff’s studies, Gary Zimmerman, was pleased with his personal results.

“It means I’ll be taking a lot of garlic,” Zimmerman told Budoff and the NBC News Los Angeles team.



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